Woow by The Pool
Directed, edited and filmed by Anders Bigum - Filmed live at The Come Closer 2 Party at Ralf Schmerberg Atelier, Berlin   Thanks to everyone who came and danced, kissed, hugged, spaced-out, grooved, sang-along, tripped and loved. Nothing would be the same without you - Thank you Milton Welch, Ralf Schmerberg, Ignazio Caporrimo & The Come Closer Crew.

 Ephemeral is a visual interpretation of impermanence. The transitory nature of time and the brief existence of every moment. A fleeting sense of solitude. 

Choreographed and performed by Claudia Greco. Music by Darkness Falls. Film by Anders Bigum.
Thanks to: Fake Diamond Records


Concept/Styling: Beist. Music: Daniel Matz. Film: Anders Bigum.


Music: Jan Ferreira. Film: Anders Bigum.

Outrance is a dark theatrical expression of the political power struggles happening around us this very moment. It’s a duel to it’s last extremity. The stage is set for a dramatic play out!

Features: Ster LaTorre Astort. Aimar Perez Gali. Julius Cotter. - Music: Manoj Ramdas. Julie Runa. Rasmus Valldorf. - Hair & Make Up: Joyce de Oliveira Valadares. - Styling & Set-design: Anna Ripoll. - Sound design: Mikkel Andersson. - Visual Effect: Guillermo Patiño. - Film: Anders Bigum.

Hotel - Vogue Italia. Model: Kinga. Fashion Editor: Sara Maino. Make Up: Ayami Nishimura. Hair: Franco Gobbi. Music: Miquel Casaponsa. Story: David Dunan. Film: Anders Bigum. Production: Yael Knopf. Vogue Italia

Music video: Automat / SFX.  

Music video: Southern Gothic Tales / Scandinavien Heart

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